Wednesday, February 8, 2012

St Augustinegrass "Sapphire"

'Sapphire' has a blue-green leaf color, purple stolon color, and long leaf blades that remain folded, giving the grass a fine leaf appearance. It spreads rapidly and grows aggressively during the growing season. It is susceptible to most major pests associated with St. Augustinegrass. 'Sapphire' should be mowed to a height of 2–2.5 inches. Sapphire is a hardy variety of St. Augustine grass. Sapphire was introduced in 2007 and although it has a soft texture, it’s a good choice for lawns that receive a lot of foot traffic. Sapphire St. Augustine grass is tolerant of salt, shade and drought and does not require as much maintenance or fertilization as some other St. Augustine varieties. Next week we will discuss bahiagrass and its pros and cons. Talk to you soon and don't forget to visit us at or contact us on google and twitter.

                                                                                                         Lee & Veronica

From plugs you can see that the Sapphire (right) did much better spreading than the Raleigh (Left) both are a variaty of St. Augustine grasses.

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